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New Witcher Game Announced, Won't Be Epic Games Store Exclusive | GameSpot News

A New Witcher game is announced, PlayStation buys Haven Studios, and Steam Deck gets support for Xbox cloud gaming.

CD Projekt Red has finally announced that a new game in The Witcher series is in development. While CDPR isn't ready to share any details on the next Witcher game just yet, the company did briefly touch on the company shifting to Unreal Engine 5 as part of a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is buying gaming veteran Jade Raymond's new studio, Haven, in a move that comes after the two companies announced plans to work together on a new IP, a AAA multiplayer experience for PlayStation 5.

Steam Deck now supports Xbox's cloud gaming service. Microsoft says it worked closely with Valve to enable support, which is now available through Microsoft's Edge browser.

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