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New Overwatch Hero Hammond -- Watch Gameplay From PTR Update

With a new Overwatch patch out now on PC, we take Hammond, Hero 28, for a spin on the Public Test Realm on PC.

Overwatch's newest hero is not at all what you may have expected. While it is indeed Hammond, the character that players suspected we'd see added, it turns out Hammond is an adorable hamster. He's just one that happens to spend his time inside of a giant machine with automatic weapons and the ability to roll along the ground rapidly.

A new update for Overwatch's Public Test Realm has added Wrecking Ball, as he's known in-game, along with some other character changes detailed in the full patch notes. But whether you're wary about jumping into the PTR or are a PS4 or Xbox One player, you may not get to try him until he's brought to the live game. There's not yet a release date for the Wrecking Ball update, but based on the past, it could be a few weeks into July before everyone gets to dive in.

There's where we come in, as we spent some time with Wrecking Ball on launch day, putting him through his paces and trying out all of his abilities. His two signatures--rolling around and giant automatic weapons known as Quad Cannons--are there along with the ability to swing around using the Grappling Claw. He can also jump into the air with Piledriver to collide with the ground, dealing damage and causing a knock-up effect on nearby enemies. His Ultimate, Minefield, deploys a bunch of proximity mines on the ground around him.

You can see all of this in the video above. Alternatively, the PTR update is now up for download. If you own Overwatch on PC, simply jump into the client and click the drop-down menu under Region/Account. From there, you can select the PTR client and download it--it's completely separate from the main game. Doing so will let you check out the nerf to Hanzo and damage falloff adjustments for a variety of mid-range weapons, among other things.

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