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More Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Delay Information | GameSpot News

More insight was provided about last week's Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League delay report.

Last week it was reported that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League had been delayed. Alongside that news were fans hoping that developer Rocksteady would ditch the game's live-service elements. If you were one such fan, I’d advise against getting your hopes up.

Posting on Twitter, reporter Jason Schreier provided some new insight on his previous report about the game's supposed delay. He said Rocksteady hasn't come forward to officially announce the delay possibly because no new date has been chosen. Schreier said staff were informed weeks ago that Kill the Justice League was shifting to later in 2023, but it remains possible the game could move to 2024.

Amid all the unknowns, Schreier said there is one thing that appears to be clear, and that's how "the core game isn't changing." This seemingly pertains to how Kill the Justice League is an online, live-service game that requires a constant internet connection, even for its single-player mode.

The game was featured during a February State of Play broadcast for PlayStation with an extended gameplay demo. Some people didn't like the live-service approach, but as the original delay report said, Rocksteady is apparently not going to change its plans. The reported delay is supposedly being undertaken to give Rocksteady more time to polish the game and get it ready for launch.

Another game that's getting ready for launch is Starfield, which is set to hit a Xbox or PC near you in September. One big step when preparing to be sold to the masses is getting a rating and this week the ambitious spacefaring sci-fi RPG received a rating in Australia, and it's something of a surprise.

The Australian Classification Board has given Starfield a rating of R18+, which means the game contains content "considered high in impact" for players. The ratings page states that Starfield's R18+ rating mainly stems from its depiction of unspecified "drug use."

The R18+ rating is noteworthy considering Bethesda's previous games, like Skyrim and Fallout 76 received the lower rating of MA15+.

For Starfield, as you can see in the classification breakdown on screen, other content vectors showed that Starfield received a "moderate impact" distinction for its "themes," a "strong impact" label for violence, and another "moderate impact" for language. For nudity, Starfield received a "very mild impact" rating, and a "none" for sex. The rating description doesn't provide any specifics, though.

But unfortunately, Starfield and Suicide Squad are both games that can’t be played right now. Diablo 4 however is playable as it is currently hosting the first of two beta period. This weekend’s early access beta runs from today, March 17 to March 19 and is an invite-only beta meant for those who preordered the game or ordered a qualifying chicken sandwich at KFC. The second weekend, March 24 to March 26, will be open to anyone who has a supported platform and will likely see queues as even more players try it out. The beta isn't just a test of the game, either, as you can get some extra goodies in the final game if you reach a certain level.

For both sets of dates, the beta will kick off at 9 AM PT / noon ET and run until the ending date at noon PT / 3 PM ET.