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Fortnite: Where To Search The Hidden XP Drop In Loading Screen (Chaos Rising Challenge)

Fortnite keeps churning out the challenges and has extended its first season in Chapter 2 since the 'FORTNITE' letters have run their course. Now your reward for unlocking the secret loading screen is an experience drop. Here's where to go.

Another batch of Chapter 2 challenges is now live in Fortnite. Week 9's set is called Chaos Rising, and as usual, completing eight of the tasks will unlock a special loading screen. Up until now, each of these loading screens contained a clue leading to a different letter hidden somewhere around the island, but this week's instead points to an XP drop, which is effectively this season's equivalent of the secret Battle Stars from past seasons.

The XP drop can be found in Steamy Stacks, specifically in the Kevolution Energy Plant. Make your way to the statue of Fortnite's infamous purple cube and the XP drop will appear on the ground near it. Once it pops up, interact with it just as you would any other item in the game to collect it, and you'll get a nice boost of extra XP for your trouble.

If you need more help finding the XP drop, we show you exactly where to go in the video above. You can also find a map and more details in our hidden XP drop guide. Before you set off to find the XP drop, keep in mind that it will only appear if you've unlocked the Chaos Rising loading screen and its corresponding challenge, so you'll need to work through the other Week 9 missions before you can collect it. For more Fortnite maps and tips, check out our full Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges roundup.