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Fortnite: Season 5's ATK Golf Cart In Action

Season 5 introduces the new ATK, a four-player golf cart, to Battle Royale's map. These let you and your squad quickly travel across the map and shoot any other players from your vehicle.

Fortnite Season 5 is here on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS, and one of the new additions coming with it is the introduction of a four-player kart in Battle Royale. The "All-Terrain Kart" can actually hold up to four players, allowing you and your squad to quickly traverse the map. You'll also be able to shoot other players, making it useful for picking off enemies on the go.

In the gameplay video above, you'll see us find a kart and take it on a wild ride as we travel through a few Rifts. You can, of course, shoot your opponents and steal their kart from them, getting your crew on board to drive around and shoot at other players as you fly by.

Some tips that may not be readily apparent when you first jump into the ATK: drifting provides you with a speed boost. Additionally, the roof functions as a bounce pad, letting you use it to access out-of-reach areas without having to build. And finally, players sitting in the back seats can actually lean backwards and then release in order to provide the ATK with a sort of boost that lets it jump higher.

In addition to the kart, Season 5 also introduces new map locations such as Lazy Links and Paradise Palms, and a new desert biome (all of which will be easier to reach thanks to the kart). There's also been some adjustments to the way the Storm circles work, along with many tweaks and bug fixes.

There's also a new set of challenges and, of course, all the Battle Pass rewards that you'll get for completing them. To see some of what's up for grabs, check out our gallery of Season 5 skins and rewards. If you're an experienced player, you'll also want to read our advanced tips for jumping into Season 5, and if you're new at the game be sure to check out our beginner's tips guide, along with our full coverage of today's update below.

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