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Fortnite Deletes Itself | The End Event Gameplay (With Black Hole)

Fortnite is finally gone--or so it would seem. Check out and see what you missed when The Visitor deleted Fortnite live before our very eyes. Here's the full event as was seen in game. Goodbye Fortnite!

As promised, something big went down in Fortnite: Battle Royale this weekend. Ahead of Season 11, Epic had been ominously teasing that "The End" was near for the game, and that seemingly proved to be true, as an in-game event lead to a nearly 24-hour-long blackout. Once the in-game countdown timers struck zero, the new rocket the Visitor had built at Dusty Depot launched into the sky, setting off a chain reaction that ultimately created a vortex that sucked everything--players the Battle Bus, and the entire island--in, leaving nothing but a black hole.

If you missed the big ending event, you can watch the entire thing unfold above. Since then, Fortnite has effectively been down. Players can still log in, but doing so causes the entire login screen to be sucked into the black hole, which means the game is essentially unplayable right now. What this portends for the future of Fortnite remains to be seen, but a recent leak suggests Epic will be relaunching the game as Fortnite: Chapter 2, which means we could be getting a larger-than-average revamp next season.