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Elden Ring Lore - Starscourge Radahn

One of Elden Ring's most notorious and mightiest demigods is Radahn - known throughout the land as General Radahn and Starscourge Radahn.

Radahn was born of Rennala and Radagon, and shares the demigod siblings of Ranni and Rykard. However, he would stand out as one of Elden Ring and the Lands Between's Greatest Warriors, even rivaling the strength of Malenia, Blade of Miquella. So, let's dive into Radahn's past, where he came from, and what would happen to him during The Shattering.

Radahn was born of two separate houses. His mother was Rennala of Carian Royalty and the master of the Academy of Raya Lucaria - giving him an association with intelligence and sorcery. Meanwhile, his father was Radagon - who was a champion of the Erdtree and the Golden Order, with an association to incantations and faith.

Radagon had flowing red hair that Radahn would inherit.

“Every giant is red of hair, and Radagon was said to have despised his own red locks. Perhaps that was a curse of their kind.” However, while Radagon seemed to compare this to the giants - who fought against the Golden Order and Erdtree - and therefore saw it as a negative, Radahn viewed this as a positive thing:

“Radahn inherited the furious, flaming red hair of his father Radagon, and is fond of its heroic implications.

“I was born a champion’s cub. Now I am the Lord of the Battlefield’s lion.””