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Elden Ring Leaks Suck For Everyone | Console Crew

This week on Console Crew, the gang discuss why game leaks suck for everyone, what they’d like to see from a Switch Pro, and what the future of PlayStation handhelds could look like.

This week on Console Crew the gang finally get to talk about Elden Ring, because goodness knows they’ve never talked about a From Software game before on the show. We’re not going to show any footage of the leaked Elden Ring trailer, but we do discuss it--specifically, we talk about why video game leaks suck for everyone involved.

With numerous reports that the Switch Pro is on the way, they also talk about what improvements they’d like to see to the Nintendo Switch, including better performance and battery life. Finally, the PlayStation Vita is getting a new physical game for the first time since 2019, which begs the question: What does the future look like for Sony handhelds?

Console Crew is your weekly roundup of the biggest PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox news, hosted by Lucy James, Tamoor Hussain, and Jordan Ramée. Catch it every Friday at