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Destiny 2's Felwinters Lie Dominates In Crucible (Gameplay)

Felwinters Lie, the legendary shotgun from Destiny 1 returns as the final reward in a seasonal quest. Watch as we try out our weapons in the crucible!

We can finally complete Destiny 2's "The Lie" quest, after a few days of its final mission, "The Tyrant," being bugged. Wrapping up the quest earns players Felwinter's Lie, a legendary shotgun last seen in Destiny 1 and which includes some powerful perks. Felwinter's Lie is a formidable gun in Destiny's Crucible in particular, where it can wallop opposing players at a pretty decent range.

Check out the video above to see Felwinter's Lie in action in a number of situations. Paired with a decent primary weapon, it's a great way to clean up enemies after they've taken some damage. It's good in a number of situations, thanks to its Opening Shot and Vorpal Weapon perks. We've found it to be pretty effective in the Crucible, as you'll see.

If you're still working on earning Felwinter's Lie, check out our full guide to The Lie. There's a whole lot of lore involved in the quest--check out our video of The Tyrant to see what it reveals.