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Destiny 2 - Where Is Xur? Exotic Vendor Location Guide (12/6 - 12/10)

Season of the Undying is coming to a close and as guardians prepare for the impending arrival of Osiris and Saint-14, our favorite exotic vendor makes his final return before Season of the Dawn. Here's where to find Xur this week.

The Season of the Undying is coming to an end in Destiny 2, and that makes Xur's visit this weekend the final before the launch of the Season of Dawn on December 10. If you're looking to get some Exotic weapons and armor to fill out your collection, he's got a few good ones from those that became available in the wake of the Forsaken expansion.

Check out the video above to see exactly where to find Xur and what he's offering this week. You'll want to head to Titan to find him. His haul includes Black Talon, a sword that fires deadly bolts, which is rarely (if ever) in the Exotic vendor's inventory. If you play Titan, you might also want to pick up Stronghold, the Exotic gauntlets Xur is selling. The armor makes your sword guards much more effective: they increase your movement speed, don't drain sword ammo, and can even heal you.

The update coming with the Season of Dawn makes some changes to how Exotic Engrams work, turning them all into Fated Engrams, the brand usually reserved for Xur. The new Engrams will award you only Exotics you don't already have until you've filled out your collection; after that, they dispense random Exotic armor, so you can try to earn better stat rolls. Until the update comes in, however, visiting Xur is still a very useful way to get hold of every Exotic you need to complete your collection.

Check out the rest of our coverage of the Season of Dawn--Bungie released a livestream this week that gave more information about what to expect from the new season, and a trailer that runs down the time-traveling story you'll engage with for the next three or so months in Destiny 2.