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We'll now know more about what "fix the timeline" means in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2's current content season, the Season of the Undying, comes to an end on Tuesday, December 10. And though we're quickly barreling toward the conclusion of the Vex's attack on the moon, we hadn't heard anything about where Destiny 2 will be headed when its next season, the Season of Dawn, until now. The first Season of Dawn details have now been shared, and a Bungie livestream just gave us a look at the new activity that comes with it. The stream is over, but you can still watch the whole thing below, or if you're now playing the new stuff, check out our Dawning recipes guide.

In its This Week at Bungie blog post last week ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Bungie finally made clear when Guardians will get some new details about what Dawn entails.

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Destiny 2 Season Of The Dawn Livestream

It's somewhat atypical for Bungie to hold back info on its next season until so close to that season's release, but it might speak to how things have changed in the third year of Destiny 2. The developer has made clear it intends to tell one long, overarching story with this year's four seasons, starting with the events of the Shadowkeep expansion. Though we've apparently seen all the content Undying has to offer--last week saw the start of the Final Assault version of the Vex Offensive activity that has marked the season--we now know how the next season will play off the Vex's invasion of the moon.

We're now know what the Season of Dawn is all about. Bungie revealed a tiny tease in one of its Vidocs about Shadowkeep and the Season of the Undying when it showed a whiteboard on which developers were detailing the arcs of each of the upcoming seasons. Under the "Dawn" heading was one intriguing phrase: "Fix the timeline." The new trailer for the season shows that stopping the Vex Assault has messed up time on Mercury, where a contingent of Cabal are trying to rewrite the ending of the Red War, the conflict at the center of Destiny 2 vanilla's story campaign.

We also know that the Season of the Dawn will be longer than the Season of the Undying, which was a bit truncated by the delayed release of Shadowkeep in October. Seasons usually run about three months, but Undying only lasted about two. The longer length of the rest of the three seasons this year may allow them to include more content, or at least, to stretch out content drops over a longer period.

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