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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep - Deathbringer Exotic Guide

After beating Shadowkeep's story, follow this quest line to get Deathbringer, the new exotic rocket launcher.

You'll chase a whole mess of new gear as you work through Destiny 2's latest expansion, Shadowkeep. Most of the guns will require searching your way through the moon, gathering special items, and hunting down difficult new Nightmare enemies. To get one of the best guns of the expansion, however, you'll have to do more.

The Deathbringer Exotic rocket launcher requires working through a pretty lengthy quest with multiple steps, and that quest doesn't even become available until you've completed Shadowkeep's campaign. The quest will take you all around the moon to complete it, including through its new slate of Lost Sectors, into its new Strike, and through a couple of new missions deep in the Hellmouth.

Check out the video above for a detailed look at everything the Deathbringer quest entails so you can work through it quickly with minimal grinding. You'll also want to check out our written Deathbringer guide for even more info.