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Command & Conquer Rivals Gameplay - GDI Victory

Command & Conquer Rivals pre-alpha invites are going out now on iOS and Android, and you can watch the Global Defense Initiative win a decisive victory right here.

First revealed at E3 2018, Command & Conquer Rivals takes the beloved real-time strategy series on the go on iOS and Android. It's a condensed version of the franchise with the same generals and units, but with touch-based gameplay. You can see a full match in the video above (note: the current Android version does not allow internal recording; we apologize for any inconvenience).

As is tradition--and as the name implies--Rivals pits you against another commander, but in this case, the skirmish happens on a small hex grid. Victory comes when you destroy your opponent's base, and that happens after two successful missile launches. Firing the missile requires you to fill its meter with your respective color by occupying at least two of the three control areas near the launchpad. Taking that turf is where the real fight happens.

Traditional units like Missile Squads, Pitbulls, and Wolverines are at your disposal, represented by unit cards within the game's menus. You build a deck of six maximum unit types to take into each battle, and you can also choose a General, each with perks of their own, to oversee the action. As with the PC series, a rock-paper-scissors system dictates which unit types are best suited to take on others, and it'll cost you Tiberium, which is accrued over the course of the round, to spawn each one on the battlefield.

Tiberium isn't the only currency to worry about--this is a mobile game, after all. Unit cards can be strengthened via Credits, which are earned with each victory. However, they can also be bought with Diamonds, which themselves can be purchased with real-world money. Diamonds can also be spent on loot crates, which contain units at various strength tiers. This system isn't necessarily final though, as EA states in an in-game message that it "will be making tuning and balance changes to both our economy and in-game units."

Command & Conquer Rivals is currently in pre-alpha on iOS and Android. Invites are going out now for those who pre-register, and you can do so on the official website. A full release date has not yet been announced.