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Can Battlefield V's Firestorm Become The New Hotness?

After a day playing Firestorm, Battlefield and Battle Royale veteran Dave Jewitt talks Will Potter through how BFV Firestorm holds up against PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Battlefield V's battle royale mode, Firestorm, is nearly here, finally bringing the hit genre to Battlefield. Developers DICE and Criterion have finally lifted the lid on their attempt with the first gameplay videos, and we've had the chance to play some Firestorm ourselves.

Watch the video above to hear the thoughts of Battlefield and battle royale experts Will Potter and Dave Jewitt, as well as some lovely footage of GameSpot winning a Squads round.

Matches begin much like other games in the genre, with each player dropping from the sky. They then progress like you'd expect, with squads scavenging for weapons and supplies while battling to be the last team standing. Action takes place on Halvøy, which DICE says is the biggest map ever in a Battlefield game. It's estimated to be 10 times larger than Battlefield V's largest map, Hamada.