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Call Of Duty Season 5: Everything You Need To Know

Warzone and Modern Warfare are getting a bunch of new content with Season 5. Here's what's coming in the new season.

Call of Duty Season 5 is coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone on August 5, and it's bringing a host of new content to the two games. We're still waiting for the full patch notes to be released, but we've gotten a good look at the main additions.

Warzone's map is expanding, with the stadium opening and the freight train beginning to loop around Verdansk. Meanwhile, Modern Warfare is getting four new maps: Suldal Harbor, Petrov Oil Rig, Livestock, and Verdansk International Airport--a piece of the Warzone map being imported into Modern Warfare's Ground War mode. Suldal Harbor, meanwhile, is a remake of the very first Call of Duty game's Harbor map.

As you might expect, the Season 5 update is big, clocking in between 34 and 54 GB depending on your platform. Tony goes into all these details in the video above.