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Call of Duty Season 4 - Everything We Know

Season 4 of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War kicks off with several updates including the Red Door Event, new Zombies Map and Satellites coming to Warzone. Tune in to find out what weapons, operators, and maps will be added and when you can expect them.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 4 is loaded with new maps, operators, weapons and more. Tune in as Richie breaks down the details of the latest season in just under 5 minutes. Call of Duty has a unique standing in the games industry with a mix of yearly premium AAA titles as well as their free-to-play battle royale, Warzone. This update has something for Cold War, Warzone and Zombies players. Here’s what's new.

Warzone is getting some new points of interests with some satellite crash sites surrounding the all new “Groundfall” event. Thanks to Stitch’s mercenary friend Jackal, some CIA satellites have been sent out of orbit and have crash landed onto Verdansk. In Groundfall, completing challenges surrounding the crash sites will earn players XP, weapon charms and a chance at an exclusive blueprint upon completing all challenges. Some changes coming to Cold War’s multiplayer include new maps like the returning “Hijacked” map from BO2 as well as new weapons both at launch and throughout the season. These include the Mace melee weapon, MG82 Light machine gun, OTs 9 Submachinegun and the C58 Assault rifle.

Lastly, big changes are coming to zombies mode. Later in the season, we’ll be seeing an all new round-based zombies map. This will continue the story between requiem and omega forces and will take place in east Berlin. Before that, Outbreak mode will get a new Zoo area to explore and complete missions. Grigori Weaver from Requiem and Black Ops 1 will also be available as a playable operator later in the season. Until then, keep it tuned to GameSpot for the latest COD news and gameplay.