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Brian David Gilbert Answers 27 Questions

What's Brian David Gilbert's favorite nail polish? How tall is he? And most importantly, how does he like his eggs? BDG answers those and more in this special Q&A.

BDG's channel:

You might know Brian David Gilbert as the host of Polygon's Unraveled. If you're not familiar with his work, he has taken on gargantuan tasks such as solving the Zelda timeline in 15 minutes. And by solving we mean taking everything that's canon and isn't and then putting it order.

I think most would agree that it's a foolish endeavor. But foolish endeavors are exactly what internet sweetheart Brian David Gilbert is all about. He's also read 337 Skyrim books, ranked over 200 Mega Man robots, attempted to make sense of Kingdom Hearts, and tried to make all 78 food recipes from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in one day.

Naturally, it's all fantastic to watch and, as host and creator, Brian David Gilbert approaches each challenge with charm, humor, and a frankly alarming level of earnestness. But what makes him tick? Do we know the real Brian David Gilbert? Why is he the way he is? We decided to find out by sitting him down and interviewing him.

Specifically, we asked him 27 of the most important questions that'll help you truly get to know him. Like what is he doing now? What's his five-year plan? Favorite dance move? In fact, where did he even learn to dance?

Find out more about Brian here: or follow him on Twitter @briamgilbert.