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Best Horror Games To Play For Halloween: Here Are Our Favorites

From the shocking plot twists of Until Dawn to the constant frights of Resident Evil 7, check out our list of the best horror games to crack into this scary season.

Halloween is right around the corner, and one way you can celebrate the occasion is by playing some spooky games. Jess McDonell covers a handful of scary games to help get you in the mood for Halloween, the first of which is Supermassive's Until Dawn.

The jump scare-filled horror game features big-name actors like Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere, who turn in memorable performances and help the game become all the more spooky. Expect a lot of twists and turns in the story--and very gruesome death scenes.

Another scary game worth checking out in time for Halloween is Resident Evil 7. Its immediate predecessors favoured action over horror, but Resident Evil 7 goes back to the franchise's horror roots--and with great effect. Try playing in virtual reality for an extra dose of scary.

Other games that Jess covers in this horror-themed feature include SOMA, which takes place on an underwater remote research facility; Little Nightmares, a 3D side-scroller with grotesque and unsettling visuals; and a game that challenges you to run away from naked insane asylum inmates, Outlast. Some other scary games to check out this Halloween are the isolatingly spooky Alien: Isolation, and the psychological thriller Layers of Fear.

Let us know down in the comments which of these games you're interested in, which is your favourite horror game, and what game moment scared you the most.