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Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale On The Way? | GameSpot News

In today’s GameSpot News, Persia goes over reports of a battle royale mode that might be coming to Battlefield 2042 soon, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla getting a possible god-of-war styled expansion and more.

A battle royale mode for Battlefield 2042 is said to be arriving "in the very near future” according to longtime games journalist, Tom Henderson. Although it is on the way, no official dates were announced but it’s said that it won't surface "in the next six months."

There were also reports of the next game in the Battlefield franchise to be even more like an Overwatch-Styled shooter and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla getting another story expansion. However, this new expansion could be the biggest yet with 40 hours of additional content.

Later in the video, Persia goes over Ubisoft Quartz - Ubisoft’s first dive into the NFT market. Quartz will wrap up in-game cosmetics into their own NFT's, each of which will have a unique serial number and history of owners. The Quartz Beta is only currently supported by Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on PC, and is only available in certain regions despite using a decentralized blockchain called Tezos which leads Ubisoft to call its venture "energy-efficient". In case you didn’t know, it can cost an extreme amount of energy to produce an NFT and comes with a major cost to the environment which may be why Ubisoft is stressing the energy-efficient angle of Tezos.