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Apex Legends: The Old Ways - Map Changes & Rotations Explained

Apex Legends' next event is The Old Ways, and it's all about Bloodhound. Let's break down the map changes and new cosmetics coming to the battle royale game in the new update.

The next Apex Legends event is called The Old Ways, and it's all about Bloodhound. Running from April 7-21, the update is bringing a map change and a batch of new cosmetics.

That map change is a town takeover, adding a prowler enclosure to World's Edge where you'll find both antagonistic animals and high-tier loot. The Old Ways also offers a series of challenges you can complete to unlock new cosmetics, two of which are recolored versions of skins that were previously available during Season 1's Legendary Hunt. In fact, all the cosmetics from that event can be obtained during The Old Was if you missed them the first time around.

The game overall will see some changes outside of the event. Apex Legends is permanently adding duos as a game option, and you'll also be able to choose to drop on either World's Edge or King's Canyon. There's more info on all of this in the video above.