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The Status of Every PlayStation Franchise

Sony owns a fair few iconic franchises - many dating right back to the original PlayStation. But while we’re pretty familiar with the likes of ongoing series such as God of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo, there are plenty of PlayStation franchises that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. So in this video, we’re going to be taking a look at the status of PlayStation’s many IPs, and checking in on when we last heard from them.

From Ape Escape to Uncharted via the likes of lost franchises like Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter, and Killzone, Sony have a long list of IPs in their back catalogue. But while some of them, including God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and Horizon have seen big success recently, there are plenty more that Sony have left on the back burner. This video dives into every PlayStation franchise to take a look at each series' status and gauge whether we might see some of them again.