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Apex Legends Octane Character Tips And Guide

Wanna go fast? Here's our Apex Legends Octane guide to help you become the best Adrenaline Junkie on the field.

Apex Legends's newest addition to its character roster is Octane, a daredevil whose whole deal is going as fast as possible to close gaps and grab kills. Octane is deadly front-line fighter, but requires a good balance between attacking and protecting yourself. Octane is all about leveraging his speed for hit-and-run attacks so you can avoid getting nailed by return fire. Check out the video above to see exactly how to handle him.

Octane's tactical ability, Stim, infuses him with adrenaline that greatly amps his speed for six seconds. That makes him great for closing gaps, getting behind enemy lines, and messing people up as they struggle to hit him. The trade-off is that using the Stim ability causes Octane to take damage. His passive ability slowly heals him, which makes up for some of that damage, but the reality is that every time you go for a speed boost, you're a bit weaker for it. Avoiding damage and carrying a lot of health items are key to survival.

For an ultimate ability, Octane can drop a jump pad that launches people and objects into the air. Use it to get behind an enemy, to come at teams from an angle they don't expect, or to escape sticky situations. It can also get you into tough-to-reach places where your team might be able to launch ambushes.

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