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American Horror Story: True Crimes That Inspired Asylum

Greg breaks down the true stories that inspired major plot points in AHS Asylum. Season 2 references Ed Gein, Josef Mengele, alien abductions, and more.

After nine seasons, American Horror Story is still going strong with captivating storylines, unforgettable characters, and a bunch of nightmares in between. As many of you already know, some of those nightmares are based on reality. Many of the major plot points and characters are inspired by true stories. While we're gearing up for season ten, we’ll examine each season’s true crime inspirations.

American Horror Story: Asylum drew a great deal of inspiration from history, and many of Asylum's most unforgettable characters are based on real figures. In the video above, Greg breaks down AHS Season 2's true crime inspirations: infamous serial killer Ed Gein, the real life Hans Gruper - Josef Mengele, the abductions of Barney and Betty Hill, and Staten Island's Willowbrook State School.