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American Horror Story: The Best of Lily Rabe

Lily Rabe has appeared in nearly every season of American Horror Story as a ghost, witch, nun, The Devil and much more. Join us as we explore her fascinating AHS career from Season 1's Nora Montgomery to Season 9's The Lady in White.

This week, we’re spotlighting one of American Horror Story’s greatest gifts: the fabulous Lily Rabe, who coincidentally has made a surprising cameo in AHS: 1984. In the video above, Ryan goes into detail with every one of Lily's roles throughout the FX series.

Lily first appeared in American Horror Story way back in 2011 in Season 1, Murder House as the ghostly socialite Nora Montgomery. Lily Rabe’s next appearance came in season 2 with Asylum’s Sister Mary Eunice. In reality, this was more of a two-part performance because Lily portrayed a Briarcliff nun before and after the devil possessed her.

Rabe played Misty Day in season 3, AHS: Coven, which is perhaps her most popular and iconic performance on AHS. Lily took a season of AHS off and then returned for a pair of episodes in season 5 of Hotel. Again, she played a ghost, but this time around she was the infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Lily took on a bigger role in season 6 as Shelby Miller in Roanoke. Here she played a traumatized woman who lived with her husband Matt in the Roanoke house. Finally, In AHS: 1984, Lily returned to a role that she has done so well over the years: a ghostly, distraught mother named Lavinia Richter. For more on Lavinia, check out our breakdown of episode 7 of AHS: 1984. And be sure to check out our latest breakdown of AHS: 1984 episode 8, "Rest In Pieces".