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AHS Hotel Episode 8 "The Ten Commandments Killer" Breakdown

Ryan and Greg break down American Horror Story Hotel Episode 8 "The Ten Commandments Killer."

The moment we have all been waiting for, the Ten Commandments Killer has finally been exposed! In Episode 8 of American Horror Story Hotel, all of John Lowe’s memories come back, and the truth is ultimately revealed.

As it turns out, Hotel Cortez is the birthplace of this mystery and Room 64 holds the key to all of the answers. James March looked for his protégé for 90 years and finally found him five years ago. The murderer was right under our noses the entire time.

Holden’s abduction was planned by March and The Countess (Lady Gaga.) It was the only way for the murderer to reach his full, dark potential. John Lowe’s wife has been having an affair with his partner, Andy, but John has the last laugh. If that’s not enough, it turns out that Sally McKenna has been dead for 20 years. She awaits the death of the killer so they can live as ghosts together for the rest of eternity.

The killer is only two Commandments away from completing March's murderous masterpiece!