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AHS: Freak Show - Episode 8 "Blood Bath" Breakdown

Ryan and Greg break down American Horror Story Freak Show Episode 8 "Blood Bath."

The Freak Show is shocked by the tragic death of Ma Petite but they don't know the full truth of what really happened to her. Elsa Mars takes her passing especially hard but Ethel isn't entirely convinced of her intentions. Ultimately, the two have a face-to-face showdown and it doesn't end well for one of them.

Gloria Mott's concern for her son Dandy grows even further and she seeks out professional help. Unfortunately, Dandy isn't a fan of that idea. Dora's daughter Regina shows up at the Mott mansion and demands to see her mother. By the end of the episode, Dandy kills again and bathes in blood.

Meanwhile, the ladies of the Freak Show team up to help Penny make a stand against her abusive father and, once again, Elsa welcomes a new performer into the group.