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2019's Best Games Took Dedication To Love

2019's games didn't always make themselves easy to love, but that didn't mean they weren't worth it for those persistent enough to unearth the brilliance in these originally mystifying games.

Some of 2019's best video games weren't always easy to love right away. In a new video feature, Jess McDonell discusses some of the year's biggest and brightest games that rewarded players for sticking with them to discover their brilliance.

Check out the full video above to see why the phrase "it takes a while to really grab" you applied to titles like Death Stranding, Outer Wilds, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Disco Elysium. Jess digs into how each of these titles was a slow burn of sorts, mystifying players at first and then paying dividends down the road for those who stuck with them.

2019 might have been a year of learning curves and "getting to the good bit," but it also meant we were treated with exceptional games that rewarded our patience with fascinating experiences that shone in an entirely unexpected ways.

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