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11 Biggest Game Releases For August 2022

August is upon us, which means the summer is starting to wind down. But that doesn’t mean that game releases are slowing down! Here is a list of the biggest games releasing in August 2022.

Football is back and has once again managed to improve on last year’s game.

Perhaps the biggest new feature in Madden NFL 23 is the "Fieldsense" system that EA promises will deliver "more control at all positions in every mode." EA said this new system will help deliver "ultra-realistic gameplay," including new animations and player control mechanics.

Madden NFL 23 also updates Face of the Franchise with a new experience called The League. There will be new position-specific mechanics and player-focused cameras. Franchise mode, meanwhile, will offer "simplified" team-building mechanics.

In terms of visuals, Madden NFL 23 aims to offer a "new level of visual realism" in all stages of the football experience. There will be new "player-locked, 4K touchdown cameras" that aim to match what the latest NFL TV broadcasts offer.

You can continue to secretly pretend you’re Tom Brady when Madden NFL 23 drops on August 19 for PC and every console except Switch.

Soul Hackers 2 is the follow-up to Demon Summoner: Soul Hackers, itself a sci-fi spin-off in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise.

Set in the same world as Soul Hackers without continuing that tale, you play as Ringo, a character created by a sentient artificial intelligence and dispatched to stop some coming event from ending the world. With Soul Hackers 2, you're dealing with a group of characters who are older, rather than those making their way through high school. But this is also a supernatural sci-fi RPG, so expect some fantastical elements; for instance, there are demons, and you summon them.

According to Atlus, while the first Soul Hackers had a pretty hardcore RPG bend that might have turned off some players, the sequel is looking to be a little more welcoming, while also seemingly borrowing a lot of what works from recent successes like Persona 5 to present a new story.

You can summon some demons when Soul Hackers 2 comes to PC and every console except Switch on August 25.

So which of these games are you most interested in? Are there any that you can’t wait to play that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to GameSpot for more.