It's good for what it is.

User Rating: 7 | Urban Chaos: Riot Response PS2
This game is my first ps2 first person shooter. At first I needed some time to get used to the gamepad controls, and to the terrible graphics behehe

The only real downside of this game is some checkpoints being too far, it was very annoying when I died after playing for 15-20 mins not knowing why I died and what I needed to do next. Needless to say that sometimes I needed several replays until I beat those sections. But there was good reason why devs did that - this game is quite short, so they needed to prolong it somehow.

The ending was priceless - the Wolf guy saying 'So which wire do I cut, the blue or the red one. I'll go with the blue - my mom likes this color'. It was so dumb that it was actually funny, like WTF funny. Like Dumb and Dumber funny.

I liked the presentation of this game too. I'm really not a fan of the cartoony ps2 series like Jak & daxter and Ratchet & clank, so the Urban Chaos gameworld was just what I needed from my ps2.