I thought this would be the cheapest crappiest game ever. I couldn't be more wrong.

User Rating: 8.1 | Urban Chaos: Riot Response PS2
Urban chaos answers one of the many questions that I have asked many confused people : what would Jason do if he found a clone machine and unleash hell on like new york or whatever the hell this city is? The answer is : its really badass. As one very brave firefighter tries to water a fire thats coming dangerously close to a citizen that can't move, he comes to a screeching halt when some looney toon in a hockey mask wants to swing a butcher knife in his back. This startling thing is what Urban Chaos is all about. Brave peoples are trying to save the city, but you have to watch their backs and work together to stay alive. The premise of it is kinda cheesy, but its also very unique that proves to be quite engaging. What kicks the most @$$ in this game is the use of a riot sheild. its not just extremely useful for getting cover for incoming fire, but its also a handy little weapon. It proves to be the most enjoyable skullcrack since sneaking up on a covenant and pressing B in Halo2. I just have to say that a hockey mask will NOT protect you from this sheild thrust. Watching bodies fly and die in the most painful way is thanks to the physics system, and I found it to be quite amusing. And with the more funny and dramatic deaths, the game even goes into slomo and zooms in a little. Some of the fights you get in are staged. And just when the gameplay seems to get repetive, variety is injected into these scenarios. Hidden rewards and unlockaballz give players a good reason to go back and complete levels again. Online is available, but it sucks and lags alot. Just like Cold Winter and Snowblind, this really distracts you from the major FPS giants like halo and CoD. Its not a game that can suck years away from your life, but its pretty decent and offers some memorable experiences that you can't find anywhere else.