Interesting concept but limited gameplay.

User Rating: 9 | Until Dawn PS4
My initial thought about this was that it was going to mirror Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. Unfortunately, this is not made by that studio but the game does follow that formula and it does it well! The gameplay is very similar to Beyond Two Souls. You can move the characters around and aim their heads and there actually is alot of exploration to do in this game too. Once you find an item, you can pick it up and examine it which has its own pleasures. Quick Time Events also pop up various times in the story except the game's cruel sense of punishment is the permanent death of a character. You really need to be alert to avoid these things! The story is really the strongest and weakest aspect of the game. You can direct who should die and who survives and edit relationships but sadly it's accomplished in a very cliche horror movie setting which can be really annoying at times. So cliche that I honestly can't say much about the story without spoiling the entire plot. The graphics are great too but there are many frame rate dips in certain moments that are reminiscent of PS3 games. But of course these amazing graphics are pretty much expected by now with the new gen. In the end you will definitely love the game when you find out just how much you change in the story. That much is certain but you do have to stomach the cliche setting and characters and to me, that really was a tough pill to swallow. Luckily there's plenty of replay value that will make you want to play again and Until Dawn has enough redeeming qualities that will help you overlook the bad setting. If you enjoy the Heavy Rain and Walking Dead type of games then Until Dawn is really worth picking up. But if you're the adventure gaming type then this game isn't really worth the money. It all depends if you enjoy a cinematic experience. Gameplay: 9 Graphics: 9 Story: 7 Sound: 8 Replayability: 10 Value: 9