Nice but...

User Rating: 7.5 | Uno PS3
First of all, I love playing UNO... I mean, with a real card deck ;) So when I heard about the PS3 version I was very excited about and want it to give a try.

In one word, yes this is a good game. Overall the game-play experience manage to reproduce the fast paced play that UNO could give to the players. There's a plenty of rules that you can customize too. In fact, I discovered most of these variation because I never used them when I play in "real life". So this is very cool.

The on-line multi-player experience is flawlessly done. You can play a ranked or not ranked game. You can create your own game or join an existing one. Something that frustrated me here, is the fact that it's pretty impossible to join a ranked game with one of your Friend. Maybe we were unlucky when we tried but we never managed to get a ranked game played together. It is far more simple to create a non ranked game and send invitations to your friends.

A draw back to the multi-player experience is when you play locally. I never managed to know how and where to change the rules and settings of a game; each player must have its own sixaxis and finally you can get to a maximum of 4 local players. This is truly mysterious... I mean "why". Why those limitations do ever exist. And if you want to know, yes you see each player's cards. Although its weird, you can get a lot of fun.

The replay value is good too. Since when you don't want to play with anybody, you can start your own tournament against the CPU and most of the unlockables (new card deck and background colors) and trophies are there too. The AI is quite good since not perfect. I did not find any big flaw at the moment, so I can say the AI does an OK job.

Talking about trophies, the only gold one is somewhat unfair... I let you see by yourself and tell you good luck! ;)

Oh and yeah, please note that you cannot play your custom music... :(

10$ US ? In my opinion it's an honest price but maybe a little high... I hope the game will get some patches from GameLoft to fix the local multi-player weaknesses.