A great game to play with your friends - if you have Gold membership.

User Rating: 7.5 | Uno X360
I got this game for free when I bought my Xbox360 Arcade. It had been on my bookshelf collecting dust before I decided one day to give it a crack.

It's a rather easy game with little to no strategy involved. With someone with an equal amount of experience, your chance of winning is close to 50%. There are several modes of play including the Partner mode where you get to pair up with the person on the opposite side of the table. As you don't get to see their hand, sometimes the card you play can actually have an adverse effect on your team's chance of winning.

Online play is more interesting than playing against NPC's. So if you want to play this game, play it over Xbox live Gold.

The graphics and music are both very pleasing.

It's a good game to play after dinner or when you are bored.

Attractive graphics and enjoyable soundtracks.
Play online with your buddies.
Easy to master

Gets boring over time - as it's too easy. - 2 points
Playing online requires to have Xbox Gold. - 0.5 points

Overall: 7.5 and recommended if given to you for free.