Waste of time to anyone who wants to make something out of there life.

User Rating: 1 | Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure GC
Man this game is terrible. There is no way i'd ever play this game again. The whole game revolves on collecting stamps. There's a good sign that it sucks. Another sign is that you can go around and collect letters to get a stamp. The controls for this game aren't hard to figure out, but a pain to try to. The navigation really sucks. You can't tell where you are, or where what path to take to get somwhere else. The map they give you doesn't help either. There's no camera controls either, so when you can barely see your character, there's no zooming in. The characters they provide you with are really dissapointing. Out of six kids, none of which look very impressive, you can control one. There's no special story with any, so don't bother obsessing over which one to get. The minigames on here leave alot to be desired. JP is the best, but it isn't that great. Just listening to the instructions makes me wish I hadn't played it. They're difficult to manuever and hard to get the goal. They're also simple to figure out, but still hard to do it. The graphics aren't that good. They put repeating characters on there, so it's like clones invaded the park. The point system is useless. You shake hands with characters and pick up garbage to earn points. Then you go buy hats to bypass lines. The music wasn't good either. The effects were ok, but they really didn't help anything. Before I wrap this up, I just want to make my final point, don't get this game unless they pay you to take it.