A Good Addition to the Uncharted series. Ruined by Touch Controls.

User Rating: 7 | Uncharted: Golden Abyss VITA

Here is my full review on the "Wonderful?" Addition to the Uncharted Series.


The Gameplay of Golden Abyss is much like that of it's PS3 counterpart. The only difference is the difficulty of Vita's small joysticks. A intro containing the famous "Skip to middle of the game" mechanic. Another famous part of the uncharted series has been imported for your pleasure. Getting lost for 15 minutes in 1 map. A intro containing the famous "Skip to middle of the game" mechanic.

Due to this game not being produce by Naughty Dog studios, you will notice some distinctions but, all in all will still play like the originals. I would not turn down the game due to the new Dev.

A New added mechanic is the use of the Front OLED's Screen and Rear touch pads to do tedious tasks such as Climbing, Murdering Bamboo, and lifting your "Partner" to a higher platform. These tasks provided nothing to the game other than a break of immersion by releasing the Vita to touch the screen. Hurting the GamePlay for me.

Graphics :

The graphics in this game are notgoing to compare to the PlayStation 3, They will of course, be a achievement of handheld gaming. I have yet to find a vita game with more realistic graphics in my career. (Limited to ESRB Teen Games.)


I am bad at explaining story so here is a bloop from our good friends over at Wikipedia

The story is set some time before the events of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and begins in medias res with Nathan Drake following rival explorer Jason Dante through a temple complex in Panama. Only to encounter problem, after glorious, problem.


I would recommend this game to ANY PlayStation Vita Owner as a great addition to their collection. Despite my qualms with the Touch controls, Live and let die, This game turned out very promising for HandHeld gaming in the future.