It's goood.

User Rating: 9 | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3
My first ps3 game that I'm currently playing.

At first I was almost shocked by how bad the graphics were - I had read that Uncharted 2 has great visuals but as a pc gamer, when I look at this game, I only see low resolution, unclear textures, small draw distance, etc. I expected a lot more from ps3. I mean Uncharted 2 looks like a pc game from early 2000s at best. But I was never a graphics person so..

When I started playing, I thought this game was nothing special. Clunky controls didn't help to improve my overall impression but as I kept playing I started liking it more and more. Now I've gotten to the point where I want leave work earlier and go home sooner to continue playing.

The visuals technically are weak but I still like how this game looks for the most part. It's like - I don't ever need to go to Nepal anymore cos I pretty much have seen it through this game and probably paid less (for ps3 and this second hand game) than a plane ticket would have cost.

I like the witty and funny dialogues. I know they are nothing special but they still bring smile to my face or even make me chuckle. Well done naughty doug.

My only complaint would be that the story seems a bit generic and hard to follow, but the overall game experience is great and that's all that matters.