Great controls. A good golf game not to be missed by golf enthusiasts.

User Rating: 8 | True Swing Golf DS
Lets start by saying this is isn't for every one. Many people find playing golf games boring after a while. I'm one of those people, but I keep coming back to it once in a while. Why? Because of the great stylus controls. I definitely like this better than the timing systems on consoles, and PSP. This actually takes some skill, instead of timing. Buying new equipment (clubs, balls, clothes, shoes) keeps me coming back to it. Wi-Fi for this game would be pretty awesome. The graphics are okay. The grass isn't bad, but you can see some individual pixels. The trees, on the other hand, should have been a little more refined. The sound is not bad. The rain, and swings sound realistic. The value of this game, isn't bad for $20, but again it could get boring for many people quickly.

I really like this game. The highlight would definitely be the controls. Also, the game could have been online (using Nintendo Wi-Fi). I would recommend this game to ANY golf enthusiasts, and anybody looking for a new, and different game to play for cheap.