True Swing Golf is just that, a game that gives a much more true golf experience, thanks to the touchscreen swinging.

User Rating: 8.2 | True Swing Golf DS
True Swing Golf is the newest golf game to grace the Nintendo DS, in fact, its the only golf game on the DS besides Tiger Woods 2005. But may I just say, that the way T&E Soft has taken the touchscreen and been able to shrink down a golf swing onto a screen is really fun, challenging, and adds a new, more fulfilling dynamic to the game, rather than just pressing buttons at the right time on a little level/radar/etc.

Gameplay- 8- The developers at T&E Soft really did an excellent job at copying golf physics on the touchscreen controls. What you do is pull back or press & hold someplace on the strength of the swing on the ball, then slide the stylus forward quickly to hit the ball. But it isn't as simple as it sounds. Depending on how you move the stylus can change how the clubface hits the ball, making it go left or right, when it isn't desired. Also, hitting the ball indirectly can change where the ball goes. You can even completely miss the ball, which is funny (well... not really, you lose a stroke).

The wind can also have a BIG effect on the flight of the ball and it is one of the things, including weather & some blissful ineptness by the helping system that does require you to tweak where you aim your shot. Anyone that says that the help makes it too easy hasn't gotten much past the first championship or two. At times, the auto-aim could be aiming your ball relatively close to the pin, yet shoving you in the rough behind trees or close to water hazzards. You then, of course, have to choose the fairway shot & line it yourself. There are many more examples I can think of, but basically, the help system is NOT too strong and you cannot just keep swinging away through the game, never having to line up & really strategize, as some reviews have made it seem.

The system is not without its problems though. One I have noticed is that there are sometimes some HORRID drops after landing in a water hazard. I once barely rolled into one and the game dropped my ball on the OTHER SIDE OF THE LAKE! That added about 20 yards to my shot and with the wind goin at 6+ MPH as it was, it wasn't making the shot easier to get right. Also, the speeds do seem to always register at 70-75, 90-95, and 110-115, which makes no sense as to why a full speed range wasn't programmed in. But both of these issues are reall minor deterences to the overall game. Some may argue the drop one is a big deal but hey, after you land in the water, that hole is pretty much screwed, anyways.

Graphics- 8- The mix of 3D on the top screen & 2D on the bottom really works well for this game. The 3D top is used more as an overview of shots, watching the ball fly in the air, showing animations of your character's reactions, among other things. It isn't the best 3D ever on the DS, but it is better than most. The 2D works well for the mapping and I'm glad they didn't try & shove it into 3D, because I could actually see it having taken away from the game.

Sound- 7- The sound is pretty blah, overall, but it fits the game perfectly. Golf is, sound wise, very empty. There are plenty of well-representing sound effects for the many noises of a golf game and for that deserves a good score.

Value- 8- This game is nicely done overall and willbe one of those games that, while cleared in a week or so time, will keep you coming back to play games, because they are just fun to play, which to me is a sign of a well done game.

Tilt- 9- A very satisfying experience all-around.