This game creates another great story in between the two movies. It's a breath of fresh air really.

User Rating: 9 | TRON: Evolution PS3
Tron: Evolution is an amazing game that has some of the elements you would find in games such as Spider-man and Prince of Persia. Now ask yourself, "How can that be a bad thing?" The answer is that it isn't a bad thing. I'm a HUGE Tron fan and I really wanted to play this game. It did not disappoint. First off, you are a program in the game, not Sam Flynn. Which I had to realize that it fits with the story. Now most games-based-on-movies suck. But Tron took the idea of making a different story and not "following" the movie step-by-step. Combat can be a bit repetitive but, it's still fun all the same. You can do many cool acrobatic moves that make the game that much better. Last, Light Cycles = Awesome. In the game you can ride light cycles just like in the movie and that brings very enjoyable gameplay to the game. So all in all, if you like Tron, get this game.