This definatly ain't no killer app

User Rating: 2.1 | Tron 2.0: Killer App XBOX
The Best Part: If u like colors....
The Worst Part: You blend in with the backround

Gameplay - 2/10
Tron 2.0 has the exact same story as Tron the movie which makes this game pointless. The shooting in Tron is abysmel at best. There are only a couple of weapons (which all look and feel retarted) and like 2 different environments. If feels like u run mach 17.3 and that ur projectiles move mach 0.00001. The lightcycles are just plain retarded. Not only does the camera **** u up bad, but they look like sticks that follow lines on a piece of graph paper. To sum it up, Tron 2.0 did the impossible, it messed up on every single thing that an FPS has to offer.

Visuals - 1/10
I never thought i would ever give a game a 1 for graphics until i played Tron. All the backrounds are just a mix of colors. They look like they are from a coloring box. O ya and your suits blend in with the backround. You will find yourself running past like 40 people and seeing like 1 in a whole game.

Sound - 3/10
That crappy techno beat may have worked in the 80s but not today. They music is repetive and just plain stupid.

Value - 5/10
If u actually like Tron, u can play it for a fair ammount of time. But don't expect to play any xbox live though because no one is ever on.

Overall, do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from Tron 2.0. It is one of the worst games i have played ever.