Much like the original but tighter controls and better looking environments. An improvement in every way possible.

User Rating: 9 | Trials Evolution X360
I bought Trials HD shortly after it came out and still play it for at least a few minutes every time I turn on my Xbox. Trials Evolution has now become THE REASON I turn on my Xbox and play for and hour or so at least. I'm married and have a four year old, I can't game like I used to, but my son thankfully enjoys watching me play this game so I can get away with playing a little more. That aside I think the Supercross event in Multi-player is outstanding and a very welcome addition. The controls are tighter and I can tell they've change the physics slightly so it's taking some getting used to but because the controls are so tight I can tell what I need to do differently and again it's for the better. Add to that the fact that there are outdoor environments and they're done in such detail, and let me tell you, I'll be playing this game for a LOOOOOOONG time to come, just like the last one.