What an arcade game should be + Possibly the best editor on a console game ever.

User Rating: 9.5 | Trials Evolution X360
Trials Evolution is everything an XBLA game should be, plenty of content, broken into bite size pieces, with fun, skill based gameplay. The editor is exceptional, and will provide a steady stream of great user-generated content for some time to come, giving this game a long life span and ensuring that there is always something to do. Trials Evolution is a great game.

I only have two complaints, One: The clothing options are a bit limited, and would have benefited from some more ridiculous options, everything there is actually something a biker would wear, Id like to see a viking helmet... or something. Two: Apparently RedLynx didn't get the memo, but the grunge, punk rock, angisty, skull covered art style and music soundtrack thing in games died around 2004 with the demise of Tony Hawk games, as it should have. However, these are minor complaints that don't really detract too much from the game.

All in all, Trials Evolution is a great buy and worthy of your time.