Excellent game and more than I expected....

User Rating: 8.5 | Trauma Center: New Blood WII
This is a great game for the Wii.

I must say I was very skeptical at first. I read the review on it first, which was good, but was not really impressed with the graphics on the back of the case but went ahead with my purchase.

The controls are great, I never thought attempting surgeries would be so fun!! While single player is fun, multi-player is even better. The thing I like most about co-op mode what the fact the other person playing has the exact same abilities and controls as player 1. At the store the kid told me one person is the doctor and the other is the nurse but that was wrong. Both players are doctors. It takes practice to work in tandem but very soon you realize that you might be better at some things and your partner playing might be better at others so you split things and try to work fast to save the patient.

I also like how quick it is to pick up and play. A few practice tutorials and your ready for some major surgery. While it is easy to pick up and play the game gets very challenging and you really have to be on the ball to progress. Someone on here in a review said the game was hard because it does not tell you anything but that is wrong. The game starts slow and they show you exactly what you need to do. It is up to you to remember some things on your own about what you have learned in previous surgeries that the game does not remind you of. This makes the game better in my opinion. If it tells you everything whats the fun in that??

Good game all around, single and multi-player alike.