Much better than expected, makes you feel 5 years old again.

User Rating: 8 | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PS3
How many of you played with Transformers in the 80s? I remember being overjoyed when I got my original Grimlock toy in 1987; a robot dinosaur? How awesome! I felt that way again playing Fall of Cybertron. It's a simple game, basically 3rd person shoot-em-up with weapon upgrades and played using different transformers with different special abilities. No groundbreaking gameplay mechanics, nothing I haven't seen before, but man did they make this fun.

The game tells a version of the Transformers last days on Cybertron, in which the Autobots want to leave and the Decepticons would rather they didn't. This plays out in several chapters, each played from a different perspective. For example, you start out with a brief Bumblebee match, and then get to kick *** as Optimus, Jazz, etc. There are also Decepticon levels, and the Combaticons are really fun. Of course, there's a nice long Megatron chapter, which is really the best.

Sounds quality is superb, especially the voice acting. They even peppered in some dialogue from the 1980s animated movie, which made me nerdgasm pretty hard.

Graphics are overall pretty good, although the occassional blurred texture shows up (like Megatrons vehicle form, which is pretty ugly). Still good for a twilight PS3 release.

Overall, a short but fun romp in the Transformers universe. I haven't gotten to multiplayer yet, but I'll update when I do.