Wow, Gamespot is harsh

User Rating: 8 | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PS3
Transformers is awesome, hands down. Gameplay is just like playing Gears of War. It hasnt changed much since the first transformers game. The graphics are a bit better, more shine to things, bigger enemies, etc. The characters move how youd want them to and the controls are good once you change them around in the menu, whoever thought Transform should be set to L3 was retarded.

The campaign is awesome, really cool moments playing as your favorite characters. Playing with the bots in Bruticus is a dream come true, I love Bruticus and still have the toys. Plus you can play through the autobots and decepticons campaigns, so you get two games.

the multiplayer is really fun, just as much as the first game. the levels are big, the abilities are cool and the weapons are balanced. Each class has its perks. The new customization is a great feature, you can now make your own bots from all the parts in the game. It is only a shame that the multiplayer population will die out once the new CoD releases.

So I give this game an 8, I love it. Gamespots too harsh on everything lately. How Darksiders 2 didnt get a 9.5 is beyond me.