Fun and Creative. Toy Story 3 is one of a kind.

User Rating: 9 | Toy Story 3 PS3
It's has a lot of customization, Toy box and story mode both have fun and great mission and achievements. The game play though is simple but still fun and your cars,horses and dragons are cool and funny. The visuals of this game as up's and down's because sometimes you'll see the late pop-ins in the game. the location of the toy box mode is okay but sometimes i feel that it could be in another place like in a city but the good thing is you can change the atmosphere into a scary or futuristic and have rainbow thingys in the sky. the missions in the toy box mode will keep you playing for hours. you'll find lots of customization and stores to build. the place isn't that huge but it's almost complete. The story,visual,sound and gameplay is good. Toy Story 3 is a game for everyone and because the game is so good that the you would want more and that what the game is lacking dlcs and your own creation. You can only create one kind of store and after you find of the outfits and characters and vehicles it feels empty already even if there are never ending side quest like stopping robbers and more. The gadgets you have a also great and creative especially the race tracks. the only thing that disappoints me is the gameplay like when you try to beat the moles in the farm but it seems like nothings happening. Overall the game is very good that they should make another toy story game with more inter-action modifications customization characters and places. Not bad for game built for kid and adults. Great Work.