Best Kids game ever!

User Rating: 8.5 | Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 X360
graphics- 9
game play- 8
depth- 8.5

Good graphics, good game play, went into this expecting nothing and came out on the other side with a warm fuzzy feeling.
The characters are all there. The story if virtually ripped right from the movie which is a good thing, with a few new spots for the game
you can play as Buzz, Woody, and Jesse, switching between them.
The only complaint i have was with the targeting system.
Toy Story 3 is actually two games in one, a traditional if not slightly predictable plat-former story mode, which brings very little new to the table but a new kids challenge that i loved basically if you cannot finish a certain segment of a level it will tell you what to do or make it easy for you, i had problems with the colored platforms, which later get really hard. All in all great game don't regret getting it.