Total Overdose is a game that's bound to give you a hell of a lot of fun...

User Rating: 8.2 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico is a really fun game. Not just because its a blow 'em all up game but because of its totally humorous storyline. The game is having a likeness to GTA: Vice City with a touch of the features in Matrix, Max Payne and Timeshift. The game is a total blend of all these games but isn't a perfect mix to say but it is sure to provide hours of fantastic gameplay. In the game we play Ramiro Cruz, an ex-convict who is the twin brother of a DEA Agent and he takes his brother's place in investigating who killed their father and finishing up their DEA Agent father's last mission before he was killed. The game is centred around the US-Mexico Border and for most of the game you are finding yourself in Mexico. The game progresses and you find yourself armed with a whole array of guns and ammunitions to use as you please. You find yourself shooting up and piling up corpses as you shoot-dodge yourself through the middle of various encounters. The game has standard weapons such as Pistols, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Rifles.... The game also features LOCO Moves which you can earn by piling up LOCO points by pulling off various stunts such as mid-air multiple headshots while shoot-dodging your way through the situation at hand. The LOCO moves help you through some sticky spots where there are too many opponents to deal with. The REWIND feature also helps you to rewind you back a few seconds to a better situation; you will find this feature saving you from death an umpteen number of times.

The game can leave you in fits of madness when it comes to the driving because the vehicles are really not up to the mark and the game has some bugs in which the cars can get stuck to the concrete. The designs of the vehicles are really not good and this game really lacks good vehicles that have proper acceleration and top speed that would have otherwise helped to liven up the game. The game has repititive gameplay in some cases but after a while you will get to like this game and even though the campaign is brief there are a number of mini-missions you can play to further your progress of the game. Even after completing the game, you can replay some of your favorite levels by driving to the same venue where the mission had started.

The game is overall one of the games that can provide you with a few hours of enjoyment but the development of the game in a better road could have made it a bigger success than it turned out to be.