Total Overdose Review:PC

User Rating: 8 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
This game lets you roam-around pretty much anywhere in mexico...this game will remind you of games such as interactive-roaming games like the Rockstar game "Grand Theft Auto"..(Grand Theft Auto:the series)
The player you are using lets you do acrobatic stunts and moves do dodge bullets and make a amazing entrance anywhere "off the walls"...
Plus abilities that can make you score major points on beating on the bad guys or ''Gringos'' in the game.
Multiple tasks/plus sub-missions to do on this acrobaticable-stunting adventure with a few pals and the Big Man of mexico with massive explosions of gas tanks
even if you finished the bout harassing some mexican pestedrians with your car, gun, melee weapon, or pouncing on them..throw everything at them as best as you can in this game there's no stopping you.You can rewind back and forth to see slow motion-3rd person shoot-em up' game...
This review is for the PC (Personal Computer)