Another add-on

User Rating: 9.2 | Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency PC
This is an add-on for the Total Annihilation game for PC. It is well worth picking up as you get a lot of new maps and toys to play with. THis add-on is better than the Battle Tactics, so if you get one,,,,, get this one!

I love this game; I have loved this game since I cracked it out of its shrink-wrap!!! With the addition of the expansion packs and the downloadable extras it just adds to the overall great experience of this classic game. I love single player mode as multi player is some times very long and drawn out! Single player allows you to speed up time to ease the wait of mining and collecting ore metal and energy. This game is not mindless; there is a definite strategy to gaining the right offences and defenses and putting them in the right place. The computer (sometimes) learns what works and what does not and will attack and defend accordingly. Check the discount shelf!!!